short poems




looking through a doorway -
at a bird on a chimney -
thinking of potential -
          when the bird flew off.



I sniffed you out
a thousand miles away

like the dog that I am.

  chasing until it’s forgotten,
A tale as old as time

heading North, heading Home

bright sadness in young Autumn air,
as the snake sheds its skin

for joel

midnight black, silence-
the train tracks shift - a new way!
  the sound of life flows.  

squished butter

     yellow butter-
 flies flutter
 sunshine wildflower
    90 miles an hour


grappling strung out interpretations
bridging time.
and now,
I’ve forgotten,
 what to say. 

 man of stone

a shaking hand
plucks a ripe fig from the branch
and hands it to me
with care


iron jacket country
blue between green
joy aches beneath the sands

the morning after

  my hands felt heavier today, 
more sensative.

I was thinking too much, 
 about what they can create.